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Pressure Washing

Established over 10 years ago, Royal Clean has built and maintained its reputation as a reliable and well-respected provider of pressure washing services in London.

First impressions count for everything, and the way your business looks is a window into how you handle your business.

Royal Clean professional pressure washing services

Restoring your external surfaces

A clean entrance makes for a welcoming space for both clients and employees to spend time.

Royal Clean aims to provide a service that exceeds your expectations and creates an environment that will improve your staff’s morale and productivity, taking care of paving, tarmac, brickwork, external staircases and more.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible, efficient commercial pressure washing service which meets the ever changing needs of our clients.

Pressure Washing Benefits

How our professional service helps you

With an effective pressure washing service you can:

  • Impress visitors
  • Make staff feel more welcome
  • Remove chewing gum & litter

With affordable regular maintenance contracts, making sure your business premises has never been easier.

Healthier & safer offices

With Royal Clean pressure washing

A clean and tidy environment can help keep spirits high and boost morale among staff. No one wants to work in a dirty or cluttered space.

The perception of your company starts with your company’s appearance, which includes your business premises. A clean exterior immediately creates a professional atmosphere, instilling any visiting clients with confidence. Making sure your office is an inviting place to work means staff will arrive with a positive mindset, ready to do their best.

Why choose our services?

Benefits from working with us



We have over 10 years of experience cleaning workplaces throughout London


Comprehensive Insurance

We have Public Liability Insurance – £5,000,000 and Employers’ Liability Insurance – £10,000,000


Safety Focused

We hold various accreditations including CHAS, Constructionline and Builders Profile.  Each team has a working supervisor who is FIRST AID at work trained


English-speaking, fully trained staff

All our employees are also security vetted


Fair price

We offer competitive pricing for all of our services


Fully equipped

We use the latest industrial grade equipment and display relevant warning signage in the course of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our services.
You can read our full FAQs page here.

There is really no difference between the two terms. Either phrase can be substituted for our service. Don’t be concerned about the term “power” or “pressure. Royal Clean technicians are trained to use the proper pressure to clean each surface.

Pressure washing can quickly become a science project without proper experience. The surface, cleaning product, pressure and type of pressure washer you’re using all play a vital role in how clean your surface will get. More importantly, for how long they will stay clean too. With over 10 years experience, Royal Clean understands what it takes to clean even the most difficult surfaces. From vinyl siding, to concrete, decks and paver stones, we have the products, equipment and insurance to guarantee you a clean surface, every time.

All Royal Clean products are VOC compliant and we make a strong effort to ensure the use of only “green” products. The surface you need cleaned will determine what chemical will be used. How dirty your surface is will determine how much chemical will be used. Our power washers allow for variable pressures to keep minimal pressure on a particular surface. Cleaning vinyl siding with our soft washing technique uses a mixture of eco-friendly chemicals and very low pressure. For some concrete cleaning jobs, we do not need any chemicals. Just good old fashioned water pressure and a flat surface cleaner designed specifically for concrete cleaning. The deck cleaning chemicals we use depend on the type of deck and staining application that is currently being used.

Absolutely. Not only can we remove all paint-based graffiti, but we do it safely. In some instances, graffiti may be found near vegetation or other sensitive surfaces. With our environmentally friendly graffiti removal products, we can get rid of the graffiti without damaging the surrounding area.

As for efflorescence, we can clean affected surfaces, but as this condition typically is a sign of other underlying water intrusion related issues, this condition often can reappear if the source(s) are left unidentified and untreated. Our Exterior Building Services professionals can assist with helping to identify and address these issues.

For the majority of surfaces, an annual power washing should suffice. It does depend on the materials used to create/build the surface as well as the current condition of the surface, so you may need to increase the frequency of power washings.

While power washing can be viewed as a do-it-yourself project, there is a clear distinction between a DIY crew and professional services. This means you get greater capability of equipment and greater expertise by having trained power washing technicians do it for you.

A do-it-yourself washer may set the pressure too high for the surface or hold the nozzle too close to it. This can result in chipped painting, damaged screens, and ruined siding. And though most power washing equipment you can rent has the same PSI as commercial-grade tools, it holds a minimal amount of water—making this project take days, not hours.

We have plenty of experience working with different materials. During our free survey we’ll let you know if the particular surface isn’t safe to pressure wash – if it is not, we will use different equipment to clean the exterior surface safely.

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