At Royal Clean we regularly provide theatre cleaning and venue cleaning services for customers throughout London and Essex. These are high traffic public spaces used by hundreds or even thousands of people each day, so naturally there is a lot of pressure to keep them clean, hygienic and safe. It is equally important for these venues to avoid costly periods of downtime. Royal Clean’s out of hours support and fully trained staff mean our cleaning teams are always in high demand for commercial cleaning jobs, such as this cleaning this theatre for a client in Haringey.

London Theatre Cleaning in Haringey

This job was more involved than a regular maintenance clean as the room had just been fitted with a new carpet. Our teams needed to follow on from the traders who had fitted the carpet, removing any dust and debris left behind by them. The room also used both carpeting and hard flooring, requiring a selection of different equipment to achieve best results. Since we carry all of our own equipment, this was no problem.

Cinema cleaning in Haringey

Staff trained for venue cleaning services

Attention to detail is key when working in a cinema space like this, and that’s where our decade of commercial cleaning experience really counts. Using only the most appropriate equipment and cleaning solutions for each surface, our team split duties between the carpeted areas and the hard floor areas beneath the chairs. Working in this way halves the time it takes to complete the job, offering better value for our client and freeing up our team to get more done. Carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning are two of our key services.

Cinema cleaning in Haringey

Attention to detail when cleaning event spaces

The more detailed work then followed; dusting off the walls and light fittings and cleaning of hand rails, cup holders and other smaller areas where bacteria can quickly build up when so many people are using the space. In an area such as this, we use ecologically safe, plant-based cleaning solutions. These state-of-the-art solutions contain no dangerous or toxic compounds, making them perfect for use in areas open to the public and children. Whilst these sustainable cleaning products are eco-friendly, they absolutely do not compromise on performance, cleaning just as well or better than their chemical-based alternatives.

Cinema cleaning in Haringey

Zero downtime venue cleaning

The level of attention to detail applied was a delight to our client, who asked us to add several other screening rooms to the job. We were then able to create a maintenance schedule for cleaning at regular intervals during the early morning when the theatre is closed to customers, meaning zero downtime and inconvenience for our client.

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